{Vendredi 30 mai 08, à l'occasion du 163è anniversaire de l'Arrivée Indienne, M. Patrick Manning, Premier Ministre de Trinidad & Tobago, a honoré le travail de ces "personnes ordinaires, sans biens matériels" qui ont lutté avec courage et persévérance pour améliorer leurs conditions de vie. Il a cité leur sens de la discipline et de la détermination comme modèle à la jeunesse et moyen d'atteindre le statut de pays développé à l'horizon 2020.}

{{PM : East Indians contributed to TT’s foundation}}
_ Friday, May 30 2008

EVEN AS Government seeks to accelerate national development so Trinidad and Tobago could achieve developed country status by 2020, Prime Minister Patrick Manning yesterday said “there are no short-cuts to success.”

In his Indian Arrival Day message to the population, the Prime Minister said this is one of the most important lessons which the East Indian community has taught the country.

He said the 163rd anniversary of the arrival of East Indian labourers to TT country is a time when all citizens must “draw inspiration from one of the heroic chapters of our nation’s history.” Stating that the East Indian indentured labourers were “ordinary people with virtually no material possessions,” the Prime Minister said they struggled with courage and perseverance “in an alien and hostile environment” in search of a better life for themselves and their families.

“One lesson that we must learn from this aspect of our history is that no enduring achievement is ever realised without sacrifice; and that obstacles can be overcome with the will and determination to succeed.

“It is a message for all times,” Manning declared. He added that through their efforts, the East Indian indentured labourers “did make a success of their lives and contributed most significantly to the foundations of the civilisation that we are building in this country.”

The Prime Minister said it was important that the minds of the country’s young people be focused in this direction because “discipline and dedication determine achievement.”

“Our young citizens must be reminded that this eternal truth is more applicable than ever, in the unprecedented level of competition of the modern globalised environment,” he added.

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Employés Indo-Trinidadiens en tenue traditionnelle, en souvenir de l'Arrivée Indienne.

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Mehendi : décoration traditionnelle de fête.

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Face à la crise alimentaire : apprendre aux enfants à
planter au pays.

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