International Creole Month 2018 and Calypso History Month 2018

International Creole Month 2018 and Calypso History Month 2018
Patwa ka viv toujou!! Patois is still alive!!
We are pleased to announce an exciting series events for International Creole Month, right here in T&T! October is Calypso History Month, and Patois is the root language of Kaiso!
Nou kontan di zòt i ni anpil bagay pou sélébwé Mwa Kwéyòl Toupatou asou Latè-a, isit a Latwinité épi Tabag. Òktòb sé Mwa Listwa Kayso, épi Kwéyòl sé lanng wasin Kayso!
Click on the links of each event below (where available) for the Event Pages.

Michelle Mora Foderingham on TV6 Morning Edition 10-09-18

Vwé Kafé

  • Wednesday 26 September/Mèkwédi 26 Sèptanm to/jik Sunday 16 December/Dimanch 16 Désanm: Caribbean Yard Campus’ 12-week Nou Ka Palé Patwa course (now moved to 16 January to 6 April in Paramin)

Nou Ka Palé Patwa

  • Thursday 4 October to Sunday 28 October/Jédi 4 Òktòb jik Dimanch 7 Òktòb - Sing de Chorus Calypso Musical (matinée in POS in mid-October!)
  • Alliance Française Patois Classes, every Monday from 5:15 pm, starting on Monday 8 October up to 1 December. A theatre troupe from Guadeloupe, performing both in French and Patois (French Creole/Kwéyòl) will be coming. Stay tuned!

Annou apwann palé Kwéyòl!

  • Sunday 7 October/Dimanch 7 Òktòb: Lamès Kwéyòl Talparo - Talparo Patwa Mass 2018 at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Talparo RC Church, with Fr Cornelius Phillip (10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.)
    • Creole lunch on sale at $45 a ticket: choice of fish, pork or chicken with coo-coo, provision, callaloo, pigeon peas and salad, and a drink (water or juice). Call/kwiyé 767 7961 for tickets and more details.
  • Saturday 13 October/Sanmdi 13 Òktòb: Patois Mass at St Anthony’s RC Church, Petit Valley, at 6:00 p.m.
  • Saturday 20 October/Sanmdi 20 Òktòb: Annou Palé Patwa with Kevon Swift, hosted by Toastmasters Trinidad & Tobago and MDA Toastmasters Club, from 3:29 to 6:00 p.m.:

Annou Palé Patwa!

Sé Yon Bagay Patwa - It's a Patois Thing