Morally Decadent Trickster Figures in Francophone Oral Literature beyond the “Hexagone”: a Case of Racist Colonial Administrative Policies

Over the past quarter of a century, a group of creative modern-day Pléiade writers, poets, and linguists in Martinique have been intensely purposeful in fanning the flames of the Créole language, keeping it alive and fighting on the forefront of the battle against the Frenchification of this centrally-located island of the Lesser Antilles. The three contemporary “immortels” of Martinique: Dr. Jean Bernabé, Dr. Raphaël Confiant and Dr. Patrick Chamoiseau, have written what amounts to a manifesto for the Créole language and culture, Eulogy to Creoleness, of which the following quote is a good summation of the actual state of their struggle and reality of living every day under the Créole banner.