{{Le contraire de l’excellence n’est pas l’échec, mais la médiocrité, selon Edward Baugh - Voir [ici->]

L’excellence caribéenne ne connaît pas de limitations raciales. Le palmarès des Prix ANSCAFE pour l’Excellence de 2008 le prouve.}}

Two Indo-Guyanese are among the four outstanding Caribbean men and women named as the winners of the 2008 Anthony N. Sabga Caribbean Awards for Excellence (ANSCAFE).

Professor {{David Dabydeen}} has been named as winner in the Arts & Letters section.

{{Annette Arjoon}} was named joint winner with Jamaican {{Claudette Richardson Pious}} in the Public & Civic Contributions segment.

The prize is a gold medal, a citation and TT$500,000 and as joint winners Arjoon and Pious will share their monetary prize equally.

{{James Husbands}} of Barbados won in the Science & Technology segment.

The four ANSCAFE laureates will receive their prizes at a gala ceremony set for Trinidad and Tobago on April 12.

To be selected, laureates had to demonstrate a track record of consistently superior work and the capacity for significant future achievement; while their work must have had, or be likely to have, a positive impact on the Caribbean; and they must be worthy exemplars to people of the region.

Professor Dabydeen is a noted author of over 20 books of poetry, fiction and academic studies of West Indian literature and history.

He won the Commonwealth Prize for Poetry for his first book, Slave Song (1984) and has won the Guyana Prize for Literature on three occasions. He is currently course convenor for the Master of Arts degree in Colonial and Postcolonial Literature in English at Warwick University in the UK .

Arjoon is the founding secretary and project co-ordinator of the Guyana Marine Turtle Conservation Society and has been instrumental in protecting Shell Beach, a 100-mile ecosystem in Region One where four species of marine turtle nest.

She is also the managing director of Shell Beach Adventures, an eco-tourism company.

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