Wednesday, August 29th, 2007 will mark the second
commemoration of Hurricane Katrina and the Great
Flood that devastated New Orleans and revealed to
the world the ongoing depth of racism and
national oppression that exists within the United
States. The People's Hurricane Relief Fund and
Oversight Coalition (PHRF/OC -- visit
[>] for more details), a US
based coalition of survivors of Hurricanes
Katrina and Rita and their supporters, is holding
its Second Annual Commemorative March on August
29th and the International Tribunal on Hurricanes
Katrina and Rita from August 29th - September
2nd, 2007 (see [> ] for
more details).

PHRF/OC is calling on justice seeking people
throughout the world to stand in solidarity with
us on Wednesday, August 29th in support of these
actions and demand that the US government be made
accountable for the crimes it perpetrated against
the marginalized and oppressed peoples of the
Gulf Coast -- people of African descent,
Indigenous Peoples, migrants, and the poor -
during and after Hurricane Katrina. We are
demanding the following:

1. That the US government declare the victims
of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita Internally
Displaced Persons (IDPs) and that they be
provided with the basic rights and securities
that come with this designation.

2. That the US government provide immediate
restitution to all Gulf Coast IDPs, regardless of
race, income, or property holding status.

3. That those government officers,
institutions, and agencies responsible for the
death of over 2,000 individuals and the numerous
human rights violations and crimes committed
during and after Hurricane Katrina be held
legally accountable for their actions.

To support this initiative PHRF/OC is asking all
of our international supporters and allies to
take one or all of the following actions:

1. Hold a demonstration on August 29th at the
US Embassy or Consulate in your country and raise
the aforementioned demands in support the Gulf
Coast IDPs and the International Tribunal.

2. Deliver a statement addressed to US
President George Bush demanding that the US
government comply with the just demands of the
Gulf Coast IDPÂ's, including the demands for
recognition and restitution.

3. Issue a statement of solidarity to the
International Tribunal on Hurricanes Katrina and
Rita, alerting the body of your actions and

4. Join the International Tribunal network and
support our ongoing campaign work for justice by
registering at the [>]

If you plan on conducting any of the above
actions or to receive more information please
contact us at [>].

Uphold the Right of Return and hold the US
government accountable for its crimes against
humanity in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. Act

_ In Unity and Struggle,
_ Kali Akuno
_ Executive Director, People's Hurricane Relief Fund
_ Monday, August 6, 2007