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Georgy de Lamare's weblog

All those who have followed how politicians operate in Mauritius lately, would fell disgusted
to learn that an alliance between the Mauritius Labour Party, which is in power, and the opposition party MMM is under way. (zot pe frequenter ).Such a situation can only happen in Mauritius when a government will be facing the next general elections in alliance with a major opposition party!!!. It is also shameful for an opposition who has criticised the government for ten years, to make a 180 degrees turn and join, what they have for long qualified as, a bad and corrupt government

In a real democracy there is a government and an opposition. It can be said that up to recently this has been the case in Mauritius when the MMM, after losing two successive elections, played its role fully in parliament and in the media as a real opposition.Unfortunately it has not stayed this way and so many voters are crying foul or are very disenchanted with mainstream politics in Mauritius.

It all started with the coalition government of Navin Ramgoolam slit up on a matter of Rs144 millions( in connection with the purchase of an old building to be transformed into an hospital), when the MSM and the PTr accusing each other of being behind a doggy deal. The MSM quit the government to be in opposition by the side of the MMM.

The MMM had until then directed all its criticisms and attacks towards the MSM , particularly on Pravin Jughnuth who was the minister of Finance, who signed the cheque of 144 millions, and the Maya Hanoomanjee, the then Minister of Health. From then on the scenario changed. The MSM have tried hard to explain that it was people from the Labour ranks who were behind the deal. Actually they end up convincing the leader of the MMM, Paul Raymond Berenger, that it the PM and one of his ministers one Jeetah, who are the main culprits. The two parties (MMM and MSM) joined forces to put pressure on the government. This concerted efforts made that the two opposition parties became closer to the extent of talking of an alliance. Sir Aneerood Jughnuth, then President of the country, attempting to exonerate his son, convinced PRB that he could put the government in minority. There was a planned coup d'état du Palais in the air. But Navin Ramgoolam, the Prime Minister, proved to be more cunning, cut grass under their feet by appointing some from the MSM ranks as ministers and parliamentary secretaries, this strengthening his position.

This first plan failed, SAJ quit the Presidency to forge an alliance with the MMM. This new alliance of the opposition parties gained momentum to the extent that the PM was very worried about his future. He will now face an Hindu like him as his direct opponent. As long as it was the Creole PRB opposing, Navin would not care less as he could destroy him as he had done in the past, by appealing to the sentiment of the Hindu majority. The strategy for Navin Ramgoolam was to break this alliance thus weakening the opposition parties and strengthening his position. He managed to do that by throwing a big bone at PRB, the electoral reform, and from then on NR and PRB started koz koze Their koz koze went beyond the main topic, the electoral reform, to a possible alliance. The deal was that Navin will be President (with some power) and PRB will be the Prime Minister. It was a win-win for both men as NR wants to stay in power and PRB is sick of being opposition leader.The details of this new alliance caused a lot of havoc as at times it was ON at times OFF then re-On then re-OFF then re-re ON again. All this is done "sur le dos des militants", zot bizin reste lors coltars mem.

Meanwhile the PMSD which was in government, has quit, dans un sursis d'amour propre, as they could no longer trust the PM and felt that Navin does not need them anymore.

In the light of what has happened and is happening on the political front, it is no surprise that people of Mauritius see this as a real "galimatia" and can no longer trust their politicians. They are all the same, "zot tou pourri parey". It is also felt, in Mauritius, that there is a perversion of democracy as the official opposition party is no longer playing its role and is rather acting like a government in waiting.

It is also noted that the MMM is no longer attacking the Ramgoolam's government on all the scandals and corruptions that they use to list out every day through their meetings with the media.

The people of Mauritius are not only confused but disgusted. It can be felt that they have given up on politics and politicians who can be bought and sell. The general public in Mauritius as mainly the intellectuals are shaking their heads while the media keeps as best the can to speak against the deals. But this is the paradox, Mauritans discuss politics in private, while they can see everyday in the media how people around the world, in Egypt, Turkey, Thailand, in France, in England, in Australia, in Indonesia, etc... manifesting en mass for less that what is happening in Mauritius.

No doubt that politicians of Mauritian take the voters for granted and keep calling the " le pep admirable".

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------A Maurice dimoune finne plein avec Navin Ramgoolam et so gouvereman pouri la. Le pep pe demande changement.

Le gouvernement de Navin Ramgoolam s'enfonce chaque jour un peu plus.
Les scandales et corruptions ne manquent pas. Chaque jour un peu plus.
Varmagate, CNT, Air Mauritius, NPS, peopophiles, gaspillages des fonds public, rodeurs boutes, conseillers paye pour ne rien faire, MBC palliasson, corruption dans le jusdiciare, ICAC impuissant.

L'opposition demande la demission des ministres Baichoo, Bunwaree, Aimee et Martin pour leurs incompetences. Au faite enn lekip incomptenets avec egalemen Jim Seetaram, Bunwaree, Fugoo, etc...
Un gouvernement pourri avec un PM amateur, pigeon voyageur, bluffer,
Li kon zis amuse sa Navin la, Kot li ti ete après Davos ?
Mo linformation dire li ti all kas ennpoz venise en bonne compagnie..

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